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5 Types of Dogs

Tina Dennis

Posted on June 20 2017

The “Crop Duster.” Yes. Here at Jax n Daisy, Inc, we have many dogs that come to visit and spend the day with us. One of them being Baby Jack. He is the WORST for crop dusting me and only me. If you don’t know what crop dusting is, it’s a silent toot that lingers long after the person/pet is gone from your area. I don’t know why, but it’s almost ALWAYS me. Just the other day he was here, he was laying by my desk, I SWORE, he was asleep. NOPE. I breathe in, because you have to breathe to be alive, and BAM, hit me like a ton of bricks. Smelled like a dumpster. So I go to look over where he WAS laying. And he’s gone. So I yell, “aw man, come on Baby Jack,” and ALL HE DOES, is stare at me from the other side of the room. #guilty #dididothat

The “Party Animal.” Bela loves to throw parties around midnight-1 am with all her toys in the living room about once a week. #nolie I hear her jump down from my bed, RUN out to the living room where all is silent so inevitably I fall back asleep. About 2 minutes later, SQUEAK, SQUEAK…SQUEAK, SQUEAK… silence… P.S. she has about 15 toys in her toy basket because #dogmom. She gets about half of her guests toys out and again, silent. Because guess what? SNACK TIME! Off to the kitchen she goes to snack on her puppy chow. After she’s done, I hear her run back to the living room, and wind up her party, with another couple squeaks. THANK GOD. Back in the room she runs, scratching to be lifted onto the bed, all the while I am up as I have been the entire time she had her little shindig. I lift her onto the bed, she ever so politely burps in my face #eyeroll and back under the covers, she disappears until morning. #partylikearockstar

The “Game Player.” I absolutely love when dogs attempt to hide and seek. When I say ‘vet’ or ‘groomer’ to Bela, she runs like she got a free bag of treats and “hides.” She only has 1 hiding spot so it’s easy for me to seek her. She hides under the bed but little does she know; her tail still sticks out from the bed skirt. #gotya My co-worker Candace, her dog, Kingsten likes to play a game that involves taking your important stuff and hiding it in a hole in the backyard. Yes. He steals glasses, ear buds, a sock, phone chargers (his fav) and all that good stuff. #timecapsule

The “Wanderer.” Don’t you love it when its 95 degrees out, pouring down rain or snowing when your dog just aimlessly walks around the yard? I get it dogs have to sniff around, mark their territory and all that jazz before going to the bathroom. But, what exactly are you looking for? An old toy? A companion? Hidden treats? Just go to the bathroom. And just when you think they’ve found a spot, nope, not good enough. All the spinning and shifting and rearranging that your dog’s doing pre-potty isn’t enough to just go, they continue to walk around and graze the grass sniffing. #itsokay #illwait #itsyourworld

The “Carpet Scooter.” Why is it that dogs love to drag their butts bottoms around the carpet? I know some dogs might have an illness around their bottom area but Bela doesn’t, yet every time she comes in from going potty, away she goes. I am always so quick to yell at her and she runs away. I turn around for 2 seconds, she is back at it again. I understand dogs have an itch or their trying to clean their bottom but can’t they find another way. Like what else does she do when I am not looking? Other than throwing parties while I sleep at night, scooting her butt around on the carpet, what else? She could grab some toilet paper and be a little more lady like. #itchybottom #bootscootandboogie


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