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Tina Dennis

Posted on May 31 2017

Happy Wednesday! We get A LOT of questions from people asking if our Jax n Daisy shampoo and lotion is safe for other types of pets. We’ve been asked about cats, chickens, mice, ferrets, you name it- we’ve been asked! The answer is... (drumroll please)… YES!!!

Let me tell you about one of our customers stories they’ve shared with us, let’s say her name was Linda. We were at a vendor show for Jax n Daisy in Pennsylvania and Linda was walk-running toward our booth, in tears, on the verge of a full blown #uglycry.

So, we are standing there, wondering what in the world is going on. She finally gets to our booth and all she could mumble was ‘my pet chicken’ while trying to get herself together. Yes. Her PET CHICKEN. We were thinking, your chicken what?? Ran away, just won a grammy, crossed the road and didn’t get to the other side, what??? We had no idea where this story was about to go. #waitforit   

Linda starts her story and it is ALL but boring…her beloved pet chicken was ATTACKED one night by a fox. She had gone out to the yard that morning and there her chicken lay, feathers missing and barely alive. In a panic, she scooped it up and rushed to the vet for help. The vet wanted to put it down right away but like any pet owner, she objected. The vet sighed and unfortunately had no other recommendations, so she and her chicken headed home. While in the car on the ride home (probably listening to the Marley & Me soundtrack) Linda remembered she used our Jax n Daisy lotion on her dog that had experienced fur loss! #chickenmiracle Linda had gotten home, grabbed the lotion and immediately put it on her chicken. After using the lotion for a few days, her chicken was back to running around wild and free. #staythefoxaway

We absolutely loved hearing this story from one of our customers, especially knowing it was on her PET CHICKEN! Jax n Daisy doesn’t stop at dogs, many pets have benefited from using our products!

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