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Summa Time Itchies!

Tina Dennis

Posted on June 12 2017

It’s that lovely season for snotty noses allergies, mosquito bites you scratch until they bleed, puffy eyes and all that hot mess seasonal summer fun. Normally when my allergies flare up and I go in public, people ask me if I am okay. Like yes, I am okay. Oh? Do I look like I got ran over by mother nature? Because I have. #areyoucrying #nopejustallergies

It hurts my dog-obsessed heart to see a dog itching and scratching their skin during hot summer days. I mean, I barely make it out alive on 90-100 degree days, imagine having a fur coat on! My dog, Bela, is a Maltese so her coat isn’t as thick as many other dogs. But, when she starts rubbing her head/body around on the carpet and furniture, its a telltale sign shes itchy #AF.

I mean think about it, how much time does your dog spend outside when its nice out?! As much as they can, right? They’re just outside breathing in the pollen, rolling around in the grass and just loving life but then the #whistleblows and its #timetocomein.

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Then your dog comes inside and it begins. The scratching, itching, sneezing and they just look up at you with those sad watery eyes. The symptoms then get worse and the only thing you can think of, is to take your dog to the vet. However, while just thinking that, your dog is staring you down with the #stankeye. Some people can spend up to $3,500 in vet costs during allergy season. #whohitthelotterylately Not me. The Jax n Daisy Shampoo and Lotion 2-pack is around $47.00 with shipping. Some of these symptoms can be, irritated or itchy skin, dry skin, sneezing, excessive licking or scratching. This can all be caused just by environmental allergies!

Consider the Jax n Daisy Shampoo and Lotion combo to help! Your dog will benefit from a nice cool bath and some soothing lotion on their itchy spots afterwards. It’s a win-win! Check out our Instagram to see other dogs that have tried our Shampoo and Lotion!

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