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Summertime Tips for Doggy Parents!

Tina Dennis

Posted on July 25 2017

Summer is a fun time to be a doggy parent. It lets you run, swim, and play with your dog in nicer weather than any other time of the year. Summer also brings some #irritating factors to your dogs everyday routine as well…

Chemicals in the water. It’s no secret that MOST dogs love to swim. Swimming can be fun for you and your dog and helps prevent heat stroke. However, the chlorine in pools can irritate a dog's skin #jaxndaisytotherescue and upset its stomach. You should always rinse your dog with fresh water after swimming in a pool. #twoforone #poolbath #hosebath #teamnosweat


Heat stroke! It’s really simple. Don’t leave your dog in the car on a hot day. Heat stroke happens to dogs just like people. I get so upset when I go places and see a dog stuck in a car on a really hot day. Imagine sitting in a vehicle, on a 90-100 degree day, with the windows up and a fur coat on. #samebutdifferent Even if your pet is an outside dog, put up an umbrella or some type of shade over their kennel. Your dog always needs access to shade outside. If you can get them to wear that cute little umbrella hat, go for it. #stylin


Sunburn! Dogs can burn in the sun just like people can. I am not saying chase them down with sunblock but keep an eye on how long they’re out in the sun. Sunburn causes pain, itching, peeling, and various other problems. #jaxndaisytotherescue You don’t want to make an unnecessary and costly trip to the vet when it can be prevented. To avoid sunburn on your dog, apply a waterproof sunscreen geared towards babies or pets. #spfisyourbff

Burned foot pads! #theworst Sidewalks, patios, streets, sand and many other surfaces can burn your dog’s foot pads. Walk your dog early in the morning or at night when being outside on summer days and nights are the coolest. If YOU can't walk barefoot outside, it’s most likely too hot for your dog too. #notsohappypaws #doggyshoes #jellysandals #90s

Dehydration!! You can prevent dehydration by giving your dog unlimited access to fresh and cool water both indoors and out. A good idea to keep your dog drinking water throughout a hot day is to put frozen chicken or beef broth ice cubes in their water to encourage drinking, this will help to keep your dog hydrated. You can also feed your dog wet dog food during the summer to increase its liquid intake. #jackpot #waterwaterwater


Keep these tips in mind when enjoying summer with your furry four-legged friends. 😊 Also be sure to visit or our social media outlets, Facebook & Instagram to see some our #doggs enjoying summertime!

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