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Woof woof, my dawgs! This blog is up and ready to #pupoff!

Tina Dennis

Posted on May 23 2017

*DISCLAIMER* Please know that any blogs on behalf of Jax n Daisy are the personal opinion of the writer!

My name is Holly and I started working for Jax n Daisy about a month ago but have been using Jax n Daisy from the start. I thought it would be fun to start a brand-barkin-new blog to spread the word about our products, keep you updated on pets that have used Jax n Daisy and talk about some cool #doggone stuff! Can you tell I am obsessed with love dogs? And let me tell ya, I love seeing an itchy, scratchy, flea bitten, allergy-fightin’ dog get some relief!! Can I get an AMEN!?  #pawsup

I have a Maltese of my own, Bela (we are shown below) and she too has suffered from dermatitis. I noticed one day she was scratching, itching, dragging her tailfeather all around and that doesn’t fly in my house, so I made her a vet appointment. And before I go into detail about the actual appointment, let’s talk about GETTING your pet in/out of the car when YOU know, that THEY know, where they’re going. 

It is EXHAUSTING to trick your pet into wanting to go to the vet. I mention treats, toys, cookies, and still Bela plays dead. Literally keels over, life-less, one-eye-closed, tongue hangin’ out, lookin’ like statue, dead. So while the pets are having an anxiety attack about just going to the vet, you are having an anxiety attack about what the bill is going to be at checkout. And the way my bank account is set up, you see, I have a checking and a savings and when I transfer the money from the checking to the savings, it takes 3 business days to register. 😉 

ANYWAY – so you’ve finally made it to the vet, the vet hits you with some long word, that you don’t understand and know you’ll google as soon as in the car but you don’t care because your dog is suffering so you nod in agreement to go ahead with the steroids, or whatever type of medicine that the Vet suggests. At this point, I start sweating because I already know the bill is going to be sky high. But I also know what steroids, like prednisone, does to dogs, ruins their liver! So, their skin MIGHT clear up in a few days; however, their liver is slowly dying inside (much like my bank account after a Vet visit.) It’s just a lose-lose situation.

And by the way, the medication is usually topical or a pill. HA. The free entertainment of trying to get your dog to swallow a pill, WILLINGLY, is a joke. Bela has only ever taken a pill with a slice of cheese wadded around it. If I don’t do that, she spits it out, gets it stuck it in her jaw (on purpose), puts it in her food, hides it in her toys, she tries EVERYTHING to avoid taking it, so my experience with getting my dog to take pills is difficult. And if you think about it, MOST topical medications, your dog could get sick if they happen to lick it. BUT GUESS WHAT!? Using our Jax n Daisy shampoo & lotion can help avoid the price of the vet, medications and your sanity!

Let’s talk about the shampoo and lotion use! 

Bela hates LOVES bath time, especially when I do that little spike with her hair (like every parent does to their kid and takes 467 photos of it.) But seriously, I can see the redness subside immediately, as soon as the shampoo is wash/rinsed from her sore skin. I bathe her 3 days in a row and apply the lotion up to 5 times a day on the affected area/s. The lotion is safe so thankfully for Bela, because she tries to eat everything that isn’t nailed down, it is perfectly fine!

This is just a little warm up #fur the blogs to come for Jax n Daisy. I would LOVE to hear from our viewers, vet stories or bath times stories, trying to get your dogs to take medication, ANYTHING! I will be posting blogs weekly on a different topic so I hope everyone will stayed tuned!

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