It's a Pool Pawty Body Spray


  • Experience long-lasting freshness with our Pool Pawty Body 8oz Spray, designed specifically for your furry friend's coat. This refreshing deodorizing spray is infused with a light summer scent, creating an invigorating aroma that both pets and humans will enjoy.
  • This deodorizing spray is specially formulated for pets, keeping their coat smelling fresh and clean. Infused with a light summer scent, it creates a pleasant and rejuvenating aroma that both pets and humans will enjoy.
  • Our versatile dog cologne can be applied in various ways. You can spot spray specific areas on your pet or use it on their bed, car seat, and other items to maintain a clean and pleasant environment. It's the perfect solution for eliminating unwanted odors and keeping your surroundings smelling delightful.
  • This dog perfume spray is known for its long-lasting effects, making it an excellent choice to use after your pet's bath. Just a small amount of this spray goes a long way, ensuring your pet stays smelling fresh for an extended period.
  • Jax n Daisy Pool Pawty Body Spray is safe for your furry companions. Made from all-natural ingredients, it not only enhances the scent but is also beneficial for their coat and skin. Its captivating fragrance makes it a preferred choice for both pets and humans, providing a delightful summer experience.

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It's a Pool Pawty Body Spray

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